Mayawati Says The Government’s Response To DiplomatDevyani Was Slow Because She Is A Dalit

I was wondering whensomeone would bring up thefact that India’s deputy consulgeneral in New York, DevyaniKhobragade is of Dalit origin –and right on cue it did not takevery long for Bahujan SamajParty leader Mayawati who likesto play the gallery to reinforceher constituency just ahead ofthe Lok Sabha polls in the country.Mayawati believes theUPA’s slow response to Devyani’sarrest in the United Stateswas because she was a Dalitthough there are many otherswho would suggest the opposite– that the government is actingunusually tough preciselybecause of her background.But neither Devyani nor herfather Uttam Khbraade, ahigh profile IAS officer ofthe Maharashtra cadre everfelt the need to emphaisisetheir origins in either MrKhobragade’s long career inthe state or even when Devyanifirst topped the MBBSexams nd then came throughwith flying colours at the civilservices competition,Kohbragade was justifiablyproud of his highachieving daughter and whenshe was in Paksitan had spokento some of us about how wellshe had distinguished herself inher job. But Devyani’s not thefirst woman dalit IFS officer –speaker Meira Kumar was therebefore her – nor is she likely tobe the last, so I don’t see anyreason for the former UP chiefminister to unnecessarily accorda caste colour to the contretemps.