Poonam Pandey To Bare It All For Rs 1 Crore?


MUMBAI – Sex kitten PoonamPandey is all set to rock thisNew Year’s Eve live at an eventin Bangalore And insiders revealthat Pandey has been paid awhopping amount of Rs 1Crore to perform on the stage.A source said, “Poonam recentlyshot an item track for aKannada venture, Love IsPoison, and will be grooving onthe very same. The song hascaught up in a big way with thepeople down South and theorganizers asking her to performon that number did notcome as a surprise. Poonam iscertainly kicked about the dealand her first live performance.”Poonam Pandey said, “I amlooking forward to interact withmy audience. The instant reactionwill be another high alltogether.”Love Is Poison was in newsrecently when its lead actorRajesh died under mysteriouscircumstances. Apparently, hefell from the apartment he wasstaying in. The actor, sourceshave it, had a disturbed life andhad even ended up in a hospitala few months ago. The film,however, is expected to releasein January.Producer Soma Shekhar K said,”It was delight to have Poonamto agree to perform on our songand we are excited about thee v e n t . “Ke s h v uM u r t h yKB said,”She is athoroughp r o f e s -sional andis busyrehearsingfor theshow.”

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