Post ‘Paani’, Shekhar Kapur Promises Film For Kids

More than two decades ago he gavethe Indian audiences a film like”Mr.India”, which is loved by one and alleven today.Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who hasfinally found a producer for his longpendingproject ” Paani”, promises tomake a movie for kids soon.”I have a promise to keep to the kidsof India.
After Paani, a film like Mr.India.But not till Paani is done,” Kapur postedon Twitter.Paani was written 15 years ago, and itis only now that Kapur has found a producerfor it.The movie will be made under theYash Raj Films banner.Kapur says the wait was long becausehe wanted a producer “that clearly sawmy vision of the film, loved it, and addedto it”.
“Found that in Aditya Chopra,” hewrote, adding: “To me, a film must belarger than its story.Larger than its director. Larger thanits actors. Larger even than its ownvision. Always tried that.”