Prakash Raj In Dabangg 2

It’s good to be bad and that is what Bollywood villains believe because movies are really incomplete without the bad boys. Bollywood movies are definitely incomplete without the bad guys because without them heroes don’t stand a chance to showcase how good they are.
For decades, bad guys in Hindi films have dominated the minds of the audiences and therefore there is always some special place for bad guys in Bollywood movies.
Prakash Raj is not new to Hindi movies as he has played many side roles in the past but his negative role in Wanted won him more appreciation than any other movies in the past and since then Prakash Raj is on the list of filmmakers who believe in negative roles.
After stupendous success of Wanted, Prakash Raj was seen in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap where his scenes against Amitabh were among the best scenes in the movie. Soon after that he was seen in Singham as Jaykand Shikde and he did a fabulous job in the movie as well.
Now, Prakash Raj is going to be seen in Dabangg 2 where he will be facing Salman Khan once again. Dabangg 2 is definitely going to be the much awaited movie in 2012 because people want to see how it takes off from the first part.
Hence, the producers have decided that they need some bad guy that can really give out good performance. Finally, they decided that Prakash Raj would be an ideal choice for the movie and for the character that they need. Prakash Raj is really happy that he will be pitted against Salman Khan once again after Wanted. This bad guy has really impressed many film makers and even audiences with his comic and negative performance and it looks like that there are more better roles in the pipeline.

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