Premier John Horgan not to run in next election: I’m cancer free, have a lot of energy, but may not be the case two years from now


VICTORIA: BC Premier Horgan informed British Columbians that he will not be leading the BC NDP into the next election in 2024. He has asked the Party to initiate a leadership race, but until a new leader is chosen, he will stay on and continue his work making life better for people. 
“In the coming days, our Provincial Council will meet to ratify the rules and timing for a leadership election, as outlined by our BC NDP Constitution. We will provide an update on that process as soon as possible,” said BC NDP President Aaron Sumexheltza.
“Over the last couple of days, our cabinet has met to seek solutions to the challenges people face in British Columbia. These include the high cost of living and the stresses on primary care. Working to make life better for people is why we are here and that continues to be my focus. As we reach the mid-point of our second term, it is clear the tasks ahead of us are enormous and will require a leader focused on the next two years and beyond,” said Horgan.
He said that a second bout with cancer and dozens of radiation treatments has led him to take stock. “I am proud to say I’m cancer free. While I have a lot of energy, I must acknowledge this may not be the case two years from now. Therefore, I have decided not to run again in the next election.”
“Once again, I want to thank the health-care professionals who helped me through this journey. They do incredible work under difficult circumstances.
“I also want to thank the many British Columbians – from every walk of life and from all political persuasions – who offered their best wishes.
“I will stay on as Premier until my successor is chosen. I will continue to do my level best to make politics work for people. This includes pushing the federal government to fund their fair share of health-care costs so we can make our public health-care system work better for everyone.
“I am looking forward to reconnecting with my neighbours as the MLA for Langford-Juan de Fuca.
“Being Premier is not a job I ever expected to have, yet it’s been the honour of my life.
“In the last five years, we’ve accomplished a lot by working together and caring for each other. The work continues.”