President Biden will not pardon son Hunter Biden whose “sweetheart” plea deal was denied


The White House has squashed any possibility of Hunter Biden getting a pardon from his father, US President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden is set to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax and gun charges and President Biden will not be using his presidential authority to pardon his son.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre replied with a clear “No,” when asked whether there is any possibility President Joe Biden will pardon Hunter Biden. Thus, conservative critics can rest assured.

On Wednesday, Biden’s “sweetheart deal” was denied by US District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika. The judge questioned whether the deal would also provide Hunter Biden with immunity from crimes he could be found liable for in the future. Since Biden’s attorneys and the prosecution were not on the same page regarding the judge’s doubt, both parties were granted a fortnight to hash out a new deal.

Although President Biden had given no indication that he planned to pardon Hunter Biden, many right-wing conservatives claimed that he will. Former President Donald Trump issued pardons and commutations to multiple political allies including Stephen Bannon and Roger Stone.

Previously, Biden had reached an agreement with the prosecutors to plead guilty to two tax charges and avoid prosecution on a gun charge. The deal was believed to spare the president’s son jail time.

However, after raising certain concerns regarding the terms of the deal, the judge said that she could not “rubber stamp the agreement”. The hearing ended with Hunter Biden pleading not guilty to two misdemeanor charges for failing to pay his taxes in 2017 and 2018.

Noreika, appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump, gave Hunter Biden’s 14 days to reach a new agreement with the prosection and brief her. Biden is expected to reverse his plea if his lawyers reach an agreement with prosecutors that meets the judge’s satisfaction.