Priya & Ram To Reunite For Pihu In Bade Achhe…

Viewers of BalajiTelefilm’s daily BadeAchhe Lagte Hain onSony TV have beenwaiting with bathedbreath to see Priya (Sakshi Tanwar) andRam ( Ram Kapoor) getback together.
While this may takea while to happen, forthe time being the makersof the show haveplanned a surprise foraudiences.Ram and Priya’sreunion will have aninteresting twist to thetale. As already reported, Priya and Ram will fightover Pihu’s school admission. Nowin the upcoming episodes Priya andRam will come together so that Pihucan get admission in a reputedschool.
Sources inform that Pihuwill be denied admission in a schoolas there will be a big confusionregarding her last name. The schoolauthorities will deny her admission asher form will have Kapoor as her lastname and during her interview shewill say that her last name is Sharma.
So finally Priya and Ram will decidethat they will have to pretend to be acouple so that Pihu can be admittedto school.Well, we are sure that Priya andRam’s reunion will bring some sweetand happy moments on the show.