PUNJAB – A LAND OF IDIOTS! Candidate With Negative 10 Marks Short-Listed For PCS (Judicial) Main Exams!


CHANDIGARH – Incredible, but true. In Punjab, you can make it to the mains of Punjab Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Examinations with negative marks.

A candidate scoring as less as “-10” marks in the preliminary examinations has actually been short-listed for the mains of “PCS (Judicial Branch) Examination-2011”, scheduled to be held for three days from January 20, 2012.

The results of the preliminary examinations were published in leading newspapers and are still available on the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) website.

A perusal of the result makes it amply clear that Tajinder Singh’s candidature has not been frozen, despite his scoring sub-zero marks in the prelims due to negative marking; and the cutoff marks in his category are -10.

The candidate, roll number 8586, was, in fact, more wrong than right in the examinations. Belonging to the category ‘SC, LDESM (lineal descendants of ex-servicemen), Punjab’, Tajinder Singh gave 23 correct answers and a whopping 102 wrong answers to achieve the distinction of being short-listed for the mains with negative marks.

Available information suggests that a candidate scores four marks for every right answer while one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. Mathematically speaking, Tajinder Singh scored 92 marks for giving 23 right answers, but lost 102 marks due to negative marking.

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