Punjabi Mela Entertains!


The Vancouver Punjabi Mela 2013 went off very well despite the delay caused by the weather, which improved as the mela began at 1:15PM. There was a large turnout was about 5000 people and the organizers tried to keep the event entertaining rather than making a political event. The kids were enjoying the rides, ladies enjoyed the Mehdi stall and everyone enjoyed the pakoras, tandoori chicken, puri cholle and all the other goodies. “We Made sure the politicians keep their speech to two minutes each, all the politicians were done with their speeches within maximum 30 minutes,” said spokesperson and co-organizer Namtez Sohal. “We had a very successful Mela and everyone enjoyed it. We will try do make it even better next year. I would like to thank all the sponsors for helping us to make this a successful event and also like to thank our community who showed up from all over the lower mainland, Sohal added.”