Quality Of Soccer Competition Increasing Along With The Sport’s Popularity


BC Tigers Beat New York In An Exciting Long Weekend Tournament!

SURREY – Over the past few years the number of participating athletes in soccer has increased and so has the level of competition.  There are now various divisions based on skill in every age group.

The participation has also increased the number of spectators.  Several thousand fans attended the soccer tournament last weekend held by the BC Tigers Sports Club at various venues in Surrey.

The most exciting part of any soccer tournament is the open final match.  This time a team from New York and the local BC Tigers fought for the top prize.  Tigers took the lead three minutes into the game and never looked back.  New York put up a fight to the bitter end but it was not to be their day.  A missed penalty kick and several shots going just over the net kept them from being number one.  Tigers won 5-2.

“This was the best and most well organized tournament of the season” stated a gold team coach, “even though our team lost we are very happy with the results and to have participated. The organizers did a phenomenal job.”

In the Indo-Canadian community, there is too much emphasis on winning. Parents and coaches have to back off and just let the kids play.

“There are guys playing in the final match that I coached for many years when they were kids.  I never yelled at them.  I praised their performance and motivated them to become better”.  Certainly, this is an approach that many parents and coaches can learn from.  Motivate the kids to do better instead of criticizing their every move.  Let them have fun.

For the first time official linesmen were allocated along with the referee even for the younger age groups.  This allowed for a fair game and eliminated any un-sportsman like conduct.  The tournament was well run and included entertainment of Bhangra and soccer tricks.  Two former professional players put on a show as if they were the soccer Globetrotters.  A team of nearly a hundred Bhangra dancers smoothly wooed the crowd in synchronicity spreading out on the whole soccer field which included a youngster dropping his dress wrap.  He went on dancing in his undergarment as if nothing happened.  The show must go on.