Racism, American Exceptionalism And Arrogance Taking Their Toll On Immigrants


By Dr. Sawraj Singh

Nobody thought that this could happen but it is happening; the Indians are going back to India. The estimates are that in the last two years, two hundred thousand or more Indian people have returned to India from America. Many of these people are highly educated and qualified people. The racists, American exceptionalists, and arrogant sections in America, have always promoted the notion that the whole world is dying to come America and unless we make very strict immigration rules, America will be swarmed. Hopefully, they will reconsider their one-sided propaganda.

Immigration is a very complex issue. Whereas one cannot deny that immigration has created problems, but the fact remains that the immigrants have contributed a lot in making America a great country. America should be concerned about the going back of hundreds of thousands of highly qualified people. In the long run, it can only hurt America. Therefore, we should try to understand that reasons for this new phenomenon of reverse immigration.

One of the leading newspapers in India, in its editorial, while welcoming the people coming back, also tried to analyze the causes of the phenomenon of reverse immigration. There are three major causes. The economic decline and resulting loss of opportunities in America, and the economic growth and more opportunities in India are acting as pushing and pulling factors. The third factor is that the people feel that they are being discriminated against because of their race and national origin.

Those who claim to love America should understand that racial discrimination and racism hurt America while racial tolerance and acceptance strengthen America. Therefore, those who want this country to be strong and great should oppose racial discrimination and racism. The worst damage in this regard is being done by the state agencies. They are using the taxpayers’ money to incite racial discrimination and racism. Therefore, they are using the American peoples’ money to weaken and possibly disintegrate America. Their actions are much more dangerous than the other racists. Therefore, they should be punished much more severely than the others who incite racial discrimination and racism. Their actions amount to treason.

The problems of racial discrimination and racism among the police and the other law enforcing agencies have attracted the attention of the media and even Hollywood. However, the problems of racial discrimination and racism in the medical profession have not attracted the same level or attention, in spite of the overwhelming evidence. It is the impression of many minority physicians that the state agencies are more likely to take adverse action against them as compared to their white colleagues. However, no serious study has been conducted so far to prove or disprove these allegations.

I have practiced medicine in the state of Washington for about 25 years. It is my strong impression that the Washington State Licensing Board and the state agencies, particularly the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) are selectively going after, and are more likely to take adverse action against, the minority physicians. For example, all the physicians they went after this year, happen to be minority physicians. The racial breakdown of the physicians against whom adverse actions have been taken so far, should be released. The overt and covert racism should not be tolerated because this weakens the country and, if unchecked, will eventually lead to a race war and disintegration of the country.