Ranbir Kapoor Was Not ‘Rockstar’ Director Imtiaz Ali’s First Choice

Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor admits that he was not the first choice for the film ‘Rockstar’,directed by Imtiaz Ali. When asked in an interview about being part of the film, the actor says that he had heard the idea for ‘Rockstar’ while shooting for his debut film ‘Sawaariya’ in 2007.
The one line idea for a film based on the life of a viilage boy who became an iconic rockstar after suffering a heartbreak, was narrated to him by his friend after shoot one day and he took an instant liking to it. Ranbir states that at the time,the director had a different actor in mind.Three years later, when Imtiaz Ali approached him for a different film, he had asked about what happened to ‘Rockstar’.The director had said that the film was facing some problems due to script and budget.
Just after two months, Ranbir recieved a call from Imtiaz ali asking him to be a part of this film.The script had been revised and finished and the other problems had also been taken care of. He says it was like a dream come true for him.
The results however will be seen when the film hits the theatres, whether the journey of Janardan (which is the name of Ranbir’s character in the film) to ‘Rockstar’ Jordan,strikes a chord with the audience, just like the journey of Ranbir kapoor himself from being another debutante to one of the most sought after actors today.
Whatsoever the case might have been Ranbir is pretty confident that he has done justice to the role and that he enjoyed every bit of shooting the flick.
Now there is an eager anticipation for the box-office rankings. The cast and crew all seem to have their fingers crossed on this one.