Rani Mukherjee And Aditya Chopra To Finally Get Married!


Rani Mukherjee and AdityaChopra, the most talked aboutbollywood couple has nevercome out in the open abouttheir relationship. For that matter,we don’t even know if theywere already married or are justliving in. But looks like the couple,contrary to all the rumorsaren’t married as yet and afterliving together for years, decidedto finally tie the knot thisyear..As the big news is out,Rani Mukherjee and AdityaChopra are going to get marriedthis February 10th..!!!They’ve also decided the venueof their wedding apparently andthey will get married in theUmaid Bhawan Palace ofJodhpur. The wedding is goingto be a very grand one as per thesources and supposedly RaniMukherjee and Aditya Choprahave asked every one of theirclose friends who will be attendingthe wedding to not reveal itit anyone..Why all the secrecy weask?Rani Mukherjee and AdityaChopra were supposed to getmarried way back in 2012 butYash Chopra’s death led them topostpone it by two years as,according to the Hindu customs,there should be no weddingin the same house that aperson passes away for a yearafter the death. Since July 2013,Pamela Chopra, Aditya Chopra’smother has been planning thewedding looking for the muhuratand all that and the weddingis finally happening now in2014…