Robbers Target Rich Eunuchs


GURDASPUR – The Gurdaspur and Batala police are looking for robbers targeting rich eunuchs. A gang, which the police suspects include some eunuchs, today murdered Parvez Masih, the driver of eunuch Shano Rani, and injured his eight-year-old daughter. A complaint under Sections 458, 469 and 460, IPC, was registered at the Ghuman Kalan police station this morning on a complaint by Masih’s wife.

The robbers took away Rs 60,000 in cash and 150 gm of gold. “In all, four persons were involved in the crime. Three of them went inside Shano Rani’s house where Parvez and his family lived while the fourth kept a vigil outside,” the Gurdaspur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Raj Jit Singh said. He claimed that a search for the killers had been launched.

The Batala police is yet to trace a group that seriously injured a eunuch on December 15 last. The Batala SSP, Tulsi Ram, said that the police did not rule out the possibility of the same gang being involved in the attack on Shano Devi’s driver.