Satinder Sartaaj Show Hottest Ticket In Town After Sold Out Shows In UK


Tickets Quickly Selling Out For Sartaj’s June 2 Show In Vancouver!

By R. Paul Dhillon

SURREY – Veteran promoter Surinder Sanghera, formerly of Music Waves and now New Waves Productions, is quickly selling out tickets to the June 2 Satinder Sartaj show, which is the hottest ticket in town following the popular Punjabi folk and sufi singer’s sold out shows in the UK.

Sanghera, who is marking the new era under his new company with this show, said he knew it would be one of the most anticipated shows of this year – which will be on June 2 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre – but the response has been phenomenal.

During Sartaj’s five city UK Tour “Mehfil-e-Sartaaj”, he put on a great spectacle on a scale unlike anything seen before in the United Kingdom for a Punjabi artist. The concerts were held at prestigious venues throughout the UK, giving the audience an experience never to be forgotten, making it the biggest family event in the calendar so far this year.

To describe the live concert experience of Satinder Sartaaj is to imagine an oasis, to go to a heavenly ethereal place as he delights the audience with sweet, melodious voice and stage persona that is a cross between Mozart and Manilow!

Sartaaj sings in his own style, Punjabi culture lives in the writings of this personality, his sufi thoughts goes deep in his poetry, everyone gets lost in his composition. Once he starts the concert, everyone gets glued to their seats and remain transfixed, taken to a place of immense beauty and musical heaven.

One of the original promoters of Punjabi folk, Bhangra dance shows and Bollywood concerts, Sanghera has been in this business for more than 25 years with a great track record of family and community-cultural shows.

For more information call Surinder Sanghera @ 604-825-9133.