‘Scared’ Prince William-Kate treat their youngest son differently: ‘They fear…’


Prince William and Kate Middleton have three children- Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The couple’s oldest child, Prince George, is set to follow his father in line for the British throne. But the Prince and Princess of Wales have a different parenting technique with their youngest child.

Prince William and Kate welcomed Prince Louis in 2018- five years after George and three years after Charlotte. So the couple let him get away with just a bit more than his older siblings, it was reported.

This comes as the couple have started taking their three children on more royal appearances. Prince Louis tends to get away with a lot more in the public eye, a report claimed. He is seen showing dislike of certain things publicly and making faces during parades.

A source told Ok! Magazine that Prince William and Kate Middleton are more lenient with Louis and let him get away with more than the other two children. “William and Kate are easier on Louis because he’s the baby of the family. They don’t want to break his little spirit.” The source continued by saying the young prince can be a “handful” and that “William and Kate do their best to teach him how to behave, but understand these events are tiresome for a youngster,” the source told the outlet.

The couple also try to give the three children the most normal life possible. In public, Prince William and Kate have been spotted doing their best to tame the little boy. His elder sister Princess Charlotte has been seen kindly reprimanding her brother as well.