Scooter Owner Pays $24,000 For VIP No. 0003


MUKTSAR – It may sound strange but it’s a fact that a VIP-number crazy city resident bid a whopping Rs 12 lakh for PB-30-J-0003 for his LML Vespa scooter worth nearly 25 times less than the bid amount.

During the auction of fancy numbers at the District Transport Office (DTO) here, Gurmangat Singh, a government employee and local resident, who did not come in person but had sent someone else to bid on his behalf, successfully got the number.

Interestingly, the man who was bidding for the same number wanted it for his Mercedes car. But he preferred not to go beyond Rs 10 lakh and the number went to Gurmangat Singh for his scooter. Gurmangat’s friend, who was bidding on his behalf, said they considered the number lucky and wanted to get it at any cost.

Meanwhile, the number 0001 of PB-30-J series went to Barinder Singh Brar for Rs 3.91 lakh; 0002 was sold for Rs1.11 lakh; 0004 for Rs 18,000; 0005 for Rs 80,000; 0006 for Rs 12,000; 0007 for Rs1.1 lakh; 0008 for Rs 60,000; 0009 was auctioned for Rs 1.12 lakh and 0010 fetched Rs 40,000.