Share Your Immigrant Story and Journey to Canada


Sher Vancouver is seeking immigrant families from India to tell their stories. They made the following announcement.


We are producing a feature documentary which will tell the stories of people immigrating from India to Canada, both in the past and the present.  We are seeking people who will give the filmmakers full access to their personal stories, including why they are leaving India and their hopes and dreams in immigrating to Canada.  Through these stories we hope to provide audiences with insights into the material and emotional challenges, motivations and outcomes for Indians immigrating to Canada.  The filmmakers will be interviewing many people for this documentary, several of whom we will follow in more depth in India, prior to departure, and through the first year in Canada.  People can be currently living in Canada, preferably Metro Vancouver.  Diversity of all kinds and all life experiences are welcome.  We want real, true, authentic, unique, and impactful stories of the immigrant experience.


We are looking to feature a successful South Asian female business/entrepreneur or working professional and her beautiful family. A glimpse into a busy immigrant household who is doing their best to manage her family and business while maintaining her cultural roots and staying true to her faith. The woman cast can be a single mother who is working hard to make ends meet in providing for her dependant family. She believes in volunteering and giving back to her community and guides her children to do the same. If this sounds like you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you.