Sikh Youth Vancouver Field Youngest Candidate At 19-Year-Old


Vancouver Slate.    She received the Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School Parental Advisory Committee (PAC) Scholarship for volunteer work in the school. She has been volunteering since Grade 8 not only within her school, but with other organizations as well, including:

  • South Asian Family Association
    • Helped with their youth nights. Also was a youth camp leader
  • Volunteered at Khalsa School Vancouver (My elementary school)
  • Volunteered at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School (My secondary school)
  • Second year Psychology student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    • Want to pursue a career as a counselor

The changes Sukhmani wants to see in the Gurdwara:

  • To see the youth involved in Seva
    • Helping not only within the Sikh community. Seva means to help others, so we should help not only the Sikh community, but also the communities that we live in.
    • Use donations not only for the betterment of the Gurdwara, but to help the community.
      • Punjabi/Gurmat/Kirtan classes
      • Help families who can’t afford to have langars/kirtans
      • Create a scholarship for students who perform Seva not only within the Sikh Community and the Gurdwara, but within the local community as well.

She said she is running to help create change in the Khalsa Diwan Society. And to also prove that youth can create change and make a difference to help improve the community.

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