Sikhs Give Blood To Remember The Victims Of 1984 Delhi Massacre – Now Indian Government Must Do It’s Part To Bring Justice To Sikhs


Dear Editor

Sikhs all around the world remember and pay homage to the 1984 Sikh Genocide in India in the first week of November every year. It has been 34 years and the Sikh community is still raising voice to demand justice for the victim families and punishment to the guilty congress leaders involved in innocent killings. But unfortunately the Indian ruling Governments and political leaderships are committed to protect the guilty. And all these years the guilty are walking around freely.

But Sikh community all around the world are working hard to bring this issue before the International community and world leaderships. And the Sikh community has started a very good Blood donation drive which is being appreciated all around the world. Sikh community is telling the world that they don’t believe in killing innocents to get even. But they believe in donating Blood to save lives all around the world. Just in Canada the Sikh Nation has saved more than 130000 lives by donating blood since the Blood donation drive started in 1999. This is a great drive to remember and pay homage to innocent lives lost in 1984 Sikh Genocide.

Every year the first couple of weeks in November the Organizers and volunteers work hard to set up Blood donation camps in various cities. And thanks to great support and participation of Sikhs who come to donate blood in large numbers in all these cities. It is a great pleasure to see large number of Donors and volunteers working hard to make these drives very successful. And every year we see more new volunteers joining in especially the youngsters. It is always good to see these youngsters joining and working hard. These youngsters gives us hope that they will keep this great Blood donation drive going for many more years in the future.

Once again thanks to all the organizers, volunteers and Donors who donate blood to make this Blood donation drive very successful. And hopefully it’ll also wake up Indian ruling Governments and justice system to provide justice to the victim families and punishment to the guilty congress leaders involved in innocent killings. So that such innocent killings never happen in the country again.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill

Surrey, BC.