Single Women In India Invest In More Assets


BANGALORE – Single young women in India have earthier tastes and believe in serious asset-creation, which perhaps explains why an increasing number of those below 35 are investing in their own homes before marriage in a trend that many believe is a reflection of our changing socio-economic landscape, reports Anshul Dhamija & Shrabonti Bagchi in TOI.

Women are more independent and career opportunities for them have increased manifold. Many women professionals now choose to put career before marriage. Such women see the advantages of purchasing investment-grade homes, which has led to an increase in demand for residential units from this segment.

Single women below 35 are looking at properties priced in the 40 lakh to 50 lakh range. The reasons behind this is many landlords’ intrusive questions and impose all kinds of rules like men not allowed, no parties, etc, especially if they figure out you are from the entertainment industry.

Another trend is of single women buying in groups rather than alone. “There is a kind of herd mentality. Say, if one woman buys flat, then her friends will buy flat in the same building. This stems from the need for safety and comfort that single women prefer.

An interesting inference made by a leading developer in Bangalore, who didn’t wish to be named, was “with divorce rates on the rise and the fact that many single women see their married peers going through failed marriages, asset creation in the form of real estate has become a priority”.

Puravankara Projects COO Jackbastian Nazareth says, “Given their lifestyle, many single women feel it’s important to have a home of their own. They are much focused and know what they want. We have seen an incremental increase of around 15 percent to 20 percent in the number of single women buying homes.”