Sleazy Vancouver Franchise Of “Real Housewives” Features Contestant Married To Former South Asian Gangster


VANCOUVER – One of the contestants on the sleazy “The Real Housewives of Vancouver,” is the wife of a former South Asian gangster Sun News Lal, who ran with the notorious Indo-Canadian gang boss Bindy Johal.

Her name is Reiko Mackenzie and she lives in Shaughnessy and is married to Lal, who also goes by the name of Sun News Mackenzie .

On her bio for the Slice TV show, Mackenzie— “a Japanese-Canadian bombshell” who spends her spare time studying mixed martial arts and collecting exotic sports cars – describes her husband as a “soft spoken venture capitalist.”

But in fact her husband, who seems to have cleaned up his act and is doing very well financially, is the man who was tried with Bindy Johal and three others for the 1994 murders of brothers Jimmy and Ron Dosanjh. Lal-Mackenzie and all his associates were acquitted in the trial made famous after co-accused Peter Gill slept with juror Gillian Guess.

Sun News Lal was also charged for possessing a restricted weapon in 1994 — a .25-calibre semi-automatic handgun — and lost his appeal of his conviction in 1998.

In July 1998, his half-brother, Vinuse News MacKenzie, 27, was gunned down in 1998.

The show’s producers are refusing to comment on the history of Lal-Mackenzie but released a statement.

“Reiko and Sunny married several years after he was acquitted. Today, almost two decades later, they are focused on their family and future together.”

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