Spirituality Leads Harkiran Singh On A Path To Reinvent Himself And Help Others!


The Registered Clinical Hypnosis Therapist Combines Meditation With Chinese And Japanese Medicine To Offer Relief To Chronic And Acute Pain Sufferers And Who Host Of Other Ailments!

By R. Paul Dhillon

Harkiran Singh Panesar, an electronics engineer and owner of HP Electro-clinic, had a life changing incident when he attended a yoga camp with his wife as he suddenly found himself eager to meet God!

Through much simran (meditation-prayer) he lucked out and met a teacher in Chicago who showed him a path to enlightenment or meeting the light!

And from that point on, Harkiran made it his goal in life to seek out ways to help others, especially combining meditation and the art of healing using many eastern Asian techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, martial arts and clinical hypnosis to help people who suffered from everything from chronic and acute pain to depression, anxiety , fear and phobia, sports improvement and sexual dysfunction.

Licensed in clinical hypnosis, Harkiran uses various healing techniques on multiple patients as well as trains them in martial arts to get the desire results for the patients no matter whatever that ails them.

“Our goal is to help you obtain the basic knowledge needed to become successful in your meditative efforts,” Harkiran tells the LINK. “You see the mind is very powerful and it can be used to control the many things that ail us, including pain.”

Simran is another technique used in the treatment as is the energy therapy of Reiki, the channelling of energy in the body.

Simran is derived from the Sanskrit word “smarana” which literally means “the act of remembrance.” Many enlightened souls have taught that by practicing simran, i.e. remembrance of God, one is purified and attains salvation, says Harkiran.

Being able to recognize ego is the only difference between man and God and the ability to recognize this is the ultimate success and Simran is the process of getting people there.

“Our meditation style is based on trust in life and trust in ourselves. Increase in trust brings deep relaxation and peace. The benefits people feel from these meditations is a reflection of the increased ability to relax into life. This has a positive effect on physical well-being, emotional ease, mental clarity, relationships, and overall fulfillment in life,” says excerpts on the website oceanoffire.ca, of which Harkiran is a member.

The philosophy behind this healing therapy is that life is a dynamic and ever-changing flow of energy. Everything, from the movement of the planets to the blood circulating in our veins, is an expression of the intelligent energy of life. Everything people experience, from what they see and hear to the thoughts and feelings which arise within people, is an expression of that flow. When they are able to be in the flow of life without resistance, the experience is one of ease and peace. When they fight the flow, resisting what life brings, it creates stress and suffering.

“Our meditations are meant to help you flow more easily with life. They encourage trust in the way things are naturally unfolding in life. They can help you to become aware of how you are resisting life, or trying to control it, and let that go,” says the oceanoffire.ca.

“The ‘ease of being’ is not about life being easy – there will always be challenges in life. Life will always have its pairs of opposites – pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow – but it is possible to become more at peace.”

Harkiran combines meditation with hypnosis, acupressure and acupuncture with deep tissue massage to provide the patients with relief and obtain best results.

“The purpose of this combined therapy is to allign the body back to shape through massage and bone therapy,” he said. “Results have been very good and we have had many satisfied customers.”

For more information call Harkiran Singh Panesar at 604-837-3797.