SRK’s Connect With Hrithik’s Superhero Flick

While Shah Rukh Khanhas declined to play the badman in Krissh 3, he’ll still beconnected with HrithikRoshan’s next superhero film.And if that’s not all, someaspects of his own superheroflick, RA.One, is turning to beof great help to Krissh 3.
Yes, it’s the infrastructurethe actor-producer set upbefore setting out to make hismovie that released last year.And now, director RakeshRoshan too is using the samefacilities to realise his visionfor his superhero flick withHrithik.In fact, before the releaseof RA.One, SRK had said thathe would be inviting theRoshans to check out his specialand visual effects studio toascertain the kind of work theydo before outsourcing theVFX to an outside company.
Sources reveal that work onthe special effects for theRoshans’ film got underwaysome time after Hrithik startedshooting for the film.Confirming the same,Rakesh said via a text message,”Shah Rukh’s studio is as goodas any foreign studio. The keyto get perfect results is time.And I have given them 15months. Most of my VFXshots are over and they havealready started the work.”