Step inside Sonakshi Sinha’s spacious new Mumbai home with massive rooms


Sky-high ceilings, open floor plans, large windows and lots of statement mirrors are some of the highlights of actor Sonakshi Sinha’s 4000-square foot Mumbai apartment. Ample natural light, wide open spaces, beautiful views of the city and sea on either side, make Sonakshi’s new home appealing. Plus, the colour theme – light brown, grey and terracotta – adds and distinct personality to her house, which she showed in a new home tour video shared by Architectural Digest (AD).

The well-travelled actor enlisted Rajiv and Ekta Parekh of reD Architects to design a space along with her that feels ‘earthy and minimalistic’. “I like spending most of time at home and this a beautiful space, where I actually don’t feel like leaving anymore. I think that is a problem,” Sonakshi said in her home tour video shared by AD.

4-bedroom flat transformed into 1.5 bedroom home

Sonakshi’s highly-detailed spaces and the choice of materials, including natural wood, concealed lighting and state-of-the-art mirror fixtures, add individuality to her home. The actor’s house has a luxe, minimalistic look, while incorporating enough storage features – sliding walls, Murphy beds, automated screens – to ensure a clutter-free environment.

The house, complete with wrap-around terraces, was earlier a four-bedroom apartment. The newly-designed 1.5 bedroom home has an art studio, a yoga area, a dedicated dressing room, and a walk-in wardrobe overlooking the sea. The art studio, finished in light wood and terracotta hues, sets the tone for the rest of the house, which is similarly earthy and minimal. It is separated from the main living area by a sliding wooden panel.

Beautiful indoor-outdoor feel

The actor’s living room is huge, but still cosy. From the grey, tan and beige furniture and furnishings to the statement wooden dining table and a wooden stacked coffee table, Sonakshi’s living room is raw, but elegant. The space is flanked by terraces on both sides with uninterrupted views.

The actor’s favourite spot in her home is the conversation pit in the living room terrace. The earlier 4-bedroom flat came with provisions for a private pool on the terrace, which has been converted into the pit.

Sonakshi’s bedroom ceiling is clad with a jute rug

The master bedroom has salmon tones. There’s a simple wooden platform bed, which is complemented by a jute rug, not on the floor, but onto the ceiling. The room with sea view also features minimalist side tables and a wingback chair.

Moreover, there is a huge moving wall spanning 15 feet, which divides the bedroom and the dressing room. A series of wooden blue panels open outward to reveal a concealed Murphy bed, transforming the dressing room into a guest bedroom, when needed. There is also a walk-in wardrobe inside the bedroom. Beyond the dressing station lies a cosy yoga studio that looks out onto the city.