STOP RACISTS: Trump Is A Hate-Monger And A Racist Who Is Giving Rightwingers A Platform To Rise Everywhere Including Canada


Dear Editor:

There should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that President Trump is a hate monger and a hard core racist. His remarks have increased racist attacks all over the world. After hate speeches, racist attack follow. It has impacted on right wing governments all over the world. So watch for right wing leaders, thoughts and parties in Canada. All people of colour, ethnic minorities and aboriginal peoples must ensure that right wing governments do not come into power. So far we are very lucky.

Many South Asians and the organizations in USA are still supporting President Trump after he told USA born immigrant’s children to go back home. Several callers on CKNW supported his comments. It was the situation in Canada when many racists in 1980 used to tell us PAKI you go home. Swastika signs are appearing in some cities in BC. It is scary. I hope 1980’s situation, which we successfully fought against it, does not re-occur in BC.

At this time there is no such organization which could fight back against hatred and racism in an organized fashion. Our young people are busy building their future which could be at risk if hate spreads. So be careful and alert. Jewish organizations are keeping in an eye on increased racism. So what other minority’s groups are doing? Sitting silent? That is not good enough. Wake up.

Dr. Charan Gill, M.A., M.S.W., O.B.C.

President, BC Organization to Fight Racism.