Strip Queen Poonam Pandey Uploads Her Holi Pic

The internet strip queen isliving it up and has posted a newHoli image. Of late, PoonamPandey also came in the line offire over comments from actorChitrangada.
The girl might have risen tofame with her sleazy antics buthas picked up the art of handlingcriticism quite smartly.Bollywood diva ChitrangadaSingh recently commentedabout Poonam, “How do youcompete with Poonam Pandey,when she is ready to strip forkabbadi matches? (sic)”.
Poonam who maintainedstoic silence for long overactress Chitrangada Singh’scomments has finally openedup, but again in an indirect way.Without naming anyone,Poonam gave a response to thehullabaloo surrounding hergrowing popularity post herclaim to parade in nude.
Poonam tweeted, “Tweethearts!!it really feels gr8 when peopleuse ur name to garner Publicity!it reminds me a dialouge fromthe film GURU.
Jab Logtumhare khilaf bolne lageSamajh lo Taraki kar rahe ho” -GURU(sic) (If people start criticizingyou, then you have certainlysucceeded).”Poonam seems to havetaken criticism in her stride.However, there seems to be atinge of rage in her response.
She said, “It’s so funny how thepeople who know the leastabout you, have the most to say.Jealousy: That’s what makes abitch talk(sic).”So in away, Poonam is onlygaining from all the whiplashes!”Envy me; Hate me; Rateme. Face it.. You’re never gonnabe me.Love your haters; they’reyour biggest fans(sic),” Poonamwrote on her micro-bloggingsite.