Sunny Deol Scared Of Papa Dharmendra!


NEW DELHI -The reallifeSunny Deol is nothing likethe angry, screaming man yousee on screen. When the brawnyhero visited HT City on Tuesday,he spoke about his upcomingfilm Singh Saab the Great,his discomfort at the famous‘dhai kilo ka haath’ dialogue andwhy he is still scared of papaDharmendra.Your father, veteran actorDharmendra, says now you takecare of him like a father.Even now, papa ke liye maibachcha hi hun, papa ke samnejaata hun toh lagta hai he willscold me. Lagta hai pata nahi,unko meri koi baat toh pata nahichal gayi … Wo guilt pata nahikyun hamesha rehta hai. Logboltein hain, ‘how come you arenot friends?’, but a father has tobe a father, that’s his job. I amstill scared of papa.When was the last time hereally scolded you?He shouts at me wheneverhe wants to (laughs).Contrary to the angry manin films, you are this shy, softspokenperson in real life. Howdo you manage this contrast?On screen, I’m playing acharacter that requires somethinglike that. As actors, we areblessed to be able to wear differentmasks and bring out differentemotions in us.No one can seem to getover your ‘dhai kilo ka haath’and ‘tareekh pe tareekh’ dialogues.I know. I’m tired, becausewherever I go, that’s what theyask me to say again.It’s been so many years andyou are still very active. Whatkeeps you going?I am not trying to do anything;I am just trying to be me.All of a sudden, they are discussingmy age. Okay, I’m 56.But it’s not that I’ve suddenlyturned 56. I was 55 and beforethat I was 54, 53. Uss waqt kisine kuch nahi bola. Now everywhereI go, they tell me my heroine(in Singh Saab The Great) is19. And I say, that’s not my personallife. It’s difficult to explainto them that we wanted otherheroines but unfortunately thatdidn’t work out. So we startedlooking for a new face, we auditioned,and when we finalisedher (co-star Urvashi Rautela),we didn’t know her age.