Surrey Council Raising Taxes By $113 In 2014


SURREY — The City ofSurrey’s proposed 2014 budgetwill mean a property tax andutilities increase of more than$100 to the average homeowner,if approved.The average home, assessed at$643,600, will be looking at anincrease of $113 per year. Thecity is looking at a 2.9 per centproperty tax hike, which worksout to $44.40 on the averagehome, bringing the averageproperty tax bill to $1,497,reported the Now newspaper.When it comes to utilities, thetotal proposed increase for 2014is $68.94: $15.31 for a one percent road and traffic levy, $19.36for water, $19.26 for sewer, $13for drainage, dyking and flooding,and $2 for garbage.Those increases will bring theaverage utility bill to $1,267 -$93.68 for the road and trafficlevy, $411.32 for water, $278.01for sewer, $201 for drainage,dyking and flooding and $283for garbage.And a $15 increase is proposedfor the secondary suite fee,bringing the total suitefee to $410.Overall, the averagehomeowner in Surrey islooking at a bill of$2,764, or $3,174 if theyhave a secondary suite.The proposed budgetallows for 12 new policeofficers, plus five additionalsupport staff. Nonew firefighters, bylawofficers or animal controlofficers are currentlybudgeted for.The city expects to spend $9million on labour contractincreases and $2.4 million onthird party increases.The city is set to discuss thebudget at a finance committeemeeting on Nov. 25.