Surrey mayor announces plan for new stadium and 2 new entertainment districts


Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke in her first State of the City address outlined a grand vision for the city that is on its way to becoming populated with one million people. The plan includes building a 12,000-seat stadium, adding two new entertainment districts, adding more hotel rooms and inviting national and international businesses to set up in Surrey.
The focus of the Mayor’s address was on how Surrey will gear up for the growth. She said in the last decade the City has added a population equivalent to Prince George and in the coming two decades the city will almost double it population to a million people. “Surrey will soon be the largest city in the province and is projected to reach one million people as early as 2042,” said Mayor Brenda Locke.
“Whether it be in the residential housing, entertainment, commercial or industrial sector, Surrey has the space to grow.  As prominent new companies set up shop in Surrey and more post-secondary education options expand, my Council colleagues and I are laying the foundation to prepare our city for the opportunities of tomorrow by investing in the future today.”
She talked about the work the new city council has done after being elected. She said when she and her team took office, “Public trust has been lost. Now there is only one door to Surrey City Hall – no back doors, no side doors, no doors for those with special privilege.
She said her team took “budget consultations on the road.” “The Focus Newton Campaign is an example of how we sought input from the public to enhance their own town centre. Building on this success, we will be moving this program to Cloverdale.” She said Surrey is no longer seen as a bedroom community and more businesses are locating in Surrey.
The City will be investing in big city amenities like major sporting and events facilities, entertainment and music venues. Surrey is a big cultural city that celebrates cultural heritage during events like Canada Day, Cloverdale Rodeo and Vaisakhi. Many people come to celebrate these events. “That’s why my council is committed to bringing more entertainment options. Our vision is to bring two new entertainment districts. One in City Centre and the other in Cloverdale. And we will be looking to private investment opportunities to help create sports, nightlife, theatre, dining and retails options.”

For making Surrey a sports destination, she announced that the council is looking to add a 12,000 seat stadium. “That groundwork has already begun. That is why we are launching an economic and feasibility study to take us there.”
Locke announced this during the event hosted by Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce, South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce and Surrey Board of Trade at Sheraton Hotel in Guildford.
The city will be working to bring much-needed hotel rooms to Surrey too.
On public safety front, she announced that this council has committed to hiring 25 more firefighters, 25 more police officers and 10 more bylaw officers annually. She praised RCMP for using made-in-Surrey solutions to solve crime and supporting youth through gang prevention programs.
When it comes to businesses she said, many national and international businesses have located themselves in Surrey and many more are planning. This will help create additional jobs closer to home for people.
Surrey’s Cambell Heights will be attracting more businesses. She informed that the city council is working to open up an additional 340 acres of new employment land in Cambell Heights. Nanak Foods are now relocating from its current facility to a brand new 300,000-square-foot facility in Cambell Heights. Famous Korean Cosmetic brand CTK opened its subsidiary in Cloverdale last year. Richmond’s Dr Ma’s laboratory will also be relocating from Richmond to Campbell Heights this year. LED Smart, another company from Edmonton has also relocated in Surrey. Delta Controls recently announced $100 million expansion plan in Surrey which will add upto 300 additional tech jobs.
On post-secondary education, health care, and transit fronts, she informed the plans that are in the pipeline including UBC setting up campus in Surrey, a Bus Rapid Transit that will run along King George from City Centre to South Surrey. “It’s going to be a heck of a ride, Surrey, so everyone buckle up,” she said.
Impressive as it all may sound, the Mayor’s address forgot to touch base on the biggest
challenge the residents of the city are facing ie taxpayers’ money being used in maintaining two police forces and when will this dispute end?
Surrey Councillor Linda Annis while responding to the mayor’s state of the city address, said, “A lot of the things she spoke about have already been discussed by the previous council. I think building a stadium is a terrific idea but it needs to be larger than 12,000 to attract more crowd.”
In the last municipal election, former Mayor Doug McCallum had pitched a vision for a much larger 60,000 seat stadium.
Annis agreed that policing transition is a very important and significant issue that was not
highlighted in the mayor’s speech. “I feel policing transition needs to be forwarded at a quicker pace since a tax payer’s money is being currently used in maintaining two police forces in Surrey.”