Surrey RCMP continue warn public of fraud involving bail requests and online market sales


The Surrey RCMP continue to investigate reports of fraud involving bail requests and online market sales.
In January 2024, Surrey RCMP frontline officers were called to a report of an elderly woman who paid out $7,000 to fraudsters posing as her grandson needing money for bail. Persons posing as police later attended the woman’s address to collect the bail money.
In reality if your loved one is arrested and needs bail money; a police officer or sheriff will not be attending your residence to pick up money, you will be directed to attend either your local police station or courthouse to make the payment, says Cpl. James Mason, Surrey RCMP Media Relations. If you feel the request is not legitimate, call your local police or courthouse, and don’t feel pressured into making a hasty decision
Surrey RCMP also recently investigated two reports of secondary market sales which took place at the Guilford Town Centre, Surrey. During the transaction, the seller counts an envelope of money and gives it back to the buyer prior to completing the transaction. By sleight of hand, the buyer switches the envelope for another which contains only a single $100 bill with a stack of newspaper clippings. The suspects in both instances wore medical-style face masks.
When meeting people for the transfer or purchase of property from online social media accounts, be aware of this sleight of hand technique, says Sergeant Randy Baker, Surrey RCMP Financial Crime Section. Be extra cautious when you are selling high value items.
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