Surreyites Raise Loud Voice For Skytrain Over LRT Projects


SURREY – Surreyites are overwhelmingly against the plan to build a light-rail transit line and would like to see skytrain expanded.

A petition against the plan has now received more than 1,000 signatures.

Daryl Dela Cruz is with the group SkyTrain for Surrey. He believes whatever plan is put in place, the transit line will serve the city for up to 100 years so a rash decision without proper consultation would be reckless, reported News 1130.

“Are we looking at this in the right way? We had a survey earlier last week that said that there is high support for LRT in the city. They actually only polled about 600 people.”

Dela Cruz says the City of Surrey seems to be pushing ahead with the idea without releasing all of the information about the line.

He believes light rail gets a lot of attention because it’s considered to be the cheaper alternative.

“In fact, light rail is not more cost effective when you consider the long-term costs when you consider the benefits of the community far less than serviced than it would be with a SkyTrain plus a bus rapid transit system.”

He believes light rail puts the city on track for high operating costs, congestion, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.