Tehelka Founder Tejpal Breaks Down During Interrogation


PANAJI – Tehelka founder editorTarun Tejpal broke downon Sunday while being interrogatedby Goa police crimebranch at their office in DonaPaula, police officers said. Theinterrogation lasted five hoursafter which he was taken toPanaji police station lockup.Earlier, Tejpal was remanded topolice custody for six days. Hewill be taken for a medicalexamination later.Tejpal was interrogated byinvestigating officer PI SunitaSawant and others. Policebegan interrogating Tejpalaround 3pm Sunday, seeking tocorroborate the sequence ofevents which the victim hadstated in her complaint. Policehave seized Tejpal’s cellphoneso as to secure the conversationbetween him and victim.During the hearing on theremand, Goa police hadinformed the court that Tejpal’sinterrogation was required tobring on record the emailsexchanged between him andthe girl. Goa police told thecourt that Tejpal must have sentthe email either from his personalcellphone, laptop, officecomputer and friend’s computeror from other sources whichneed to be seized.Goa police also said a policeteam will be sent to seize theitems.Police had sought Tejpal’s custodyfor 14 days. Tejpal’s lawyerGeetha Luthra argued in courtthat 14 days police custody wasnot justified. At the end ofarguments Panaji judicial magistratefirst class (JMFC)Kshama Joshi remanded Tejpalto six days police custody.Speaking to mediapersons outsidethe court, Luthra said thatthey are satisfied with the courtdecision. Tejpal’s family waspresent in the court premisesbut neither they, nor mediawere not allowed to attend thehearing as it was held in thejudge’s chambers.

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