The Bhangra Maharaja!


–By R. Paul Dhillon

The Crown Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B. of Surrey celebrated the release of his much awaited and personally cherished album – the Maharajas – featuring his idol/mentor Kuldip Manak and his son Yudhvir – in Surrey this week. Music Waves, which released the album in North America, organized a small press meet that grew to become a large gathering of Jazzy’s large circle of close friends, including the men who helped launch him – Tarlok Singh Kooner and the one and original Bobby Nagra – Surrey developer and businessman. Jazzy told the media that it is a special album for him as it brings him full circle musically and that he was able to pay tribute to his mentor Manak while the man was still alive. Manak and his son had been suffering serious medical problems but they are all right now. When asked to address the fact that due to the closure of so many video stores and rampant piracy, the traditional CD distribution route had been knocked out, making it difficult for his fans to get a hold of the new album – Jazzy B. said it is sad what has happened, especially since it is costly to produce and release albums not to mention multi-thousands of dollars spend to produce music videos. “I would urge my fans to buy original or download legal copies from i-tune as it is important that if they love Bhangra music and love the artists – that they support them through this patronage of buying originals. Jazzy also thanked the media and all his friends, including Channi Singh Dhillon and Sabbi Kooner among others, for helping him on the road to superstardom. “I never forget my friends,” he said.