The legend of Kashmir’s Gurdwara Nanaksar Mattan Sahib


A Pandit named Brahamdas of Bejbehara was egoistic about his knowledge. He used to carry books on his two camels. Brahmdas possessed many supernatural powers as he was a disciple of Devi. After hearing praise for Guru Sahib from others and on the persuasion of Kamaal Faqir, Brahmdas went to meet Guru Nanak Sahib at Twin Springs (Mattan) where Guru Sahib was staying. Before meeting Guru Ji, he wanted to impress the Guru by showing miracles.

It is said that Brahmdas had a carpet on which he flew in the sky. Many people sat around Guru Ji to listen to his views. When Brahmdas reached Matan de Chashme (Twin Springs) on his carpet, he could see all the people except Guru Nanak. When he asked people about where the ‘Nanak’ from Punjab was, they said that he was sitting in front of him.

Due to Brahmdas’s ego and pride, he could not see Guru Ji. The next day, when Brahmdas went to meet Guru Ji on foot instead of the carpet, he could see him and asked him, “Why were you invisible to me yesterday?” Guru Ji said that he could not see him as he was in pitch darkness yesterday.

Brahmdas said that he came to meet Guru Ji in daylight, and the question of darkness does not arise. Guru Ji said that there is no bigger darkness than ego, and Guru Sahib said yesterday you were flying on the carpet and feeling proud of being a great person. Numerous insects and birds fly in the air, but they are not countable. After listening to Guru Ji, Brahmdas became ashamed of himself. Guru Sahib uttered this Shabad after breaking the ego and corrupt soul of Brahmdas Pandit:

Dhud bin dhain pankh bin pankhee, Jal bin utbhuj kaam nahin,

Kya sultan salam veetuna, Andhi kothi tera naam nahin”

Guru Ji, upon seeing Pandit Braham Das coming with a huge stock of books, Sung the  following couplet:

Padh padh gaddi ladiye, padh padh bhariye saath

 Padh padh beri payiae, padh padh sadiye khaat

Padiye jaite baras baras , padiye jaite maas

Padiye jeti aarja padiye jete saas , Nanak lekhe ek gal hor haumai jhakna jhak”.

                    At Mattan Sahib Guru ji sung Malar di Var and was preserved by his companions. Brahmdas Pandit came to realize the uselessness of the weight of knowledge without practical wisdom, and he asked to be pardoned after falling in humility at the feet of Guru Sahib. Pandit Mukande, Pandit Brahamdas, Faqir Kamaal, etc., built a Dharamshala as ordained by Guru Ji at Mattan Sahib for preaching to all sections of society by establishing the Manji (seat) bearing the name of Guru Ji.

After staying for many weeks at Mattan, Guru Ji reached near the spring of Nagpal. According to Mahankosh , an annual Jagir of Rs. 50/- was associated with this Gurdwara in early times. 

According to Giani Budh Singh “Guru Nanak reached Mattan Sahib (Gurdwara exists) sitting on the bank of the fountain, through his teachings, led many to the path of prayer. Behind Matan, they sat on a high hill.  The famous testimony of a shepherd on that hill. Pandits have occupied this place and built a small temple here and placed the idols.  The Gurdwara had a lot of jagir by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, knowing this Gurdwara of Guru Ji as a memorial place, now only ₹122 have been left.” (Chonve Rattan, Lahore, 1937)