The Technology Behind Online Roulette


2020: the future is now. Technology is present in all aspects of daily life, and facilitates everything from getting up in the morning, to getting to work, to actually working. Ordering food can be done with the click of a button, dating is done by swiping left and right, if something breaks, we go online to find a solution, shopping can be done from the comfort of our own homes, and entertainment is accessed online, be it films, TV of games. We use technology to speak to loved ones, send messages, and keep in touch with friends across the globe. Mobile’s in particular have changed our lives.

The online gambling industry is one that has benefitted hugely from advancements in technology. Technology has allowed developers to replicate the look at feel of a real-life casino, allowing players to access their favourite games anywhere. The advent of mobile devices, in particular smartphones, over the last decade or so has really accelerated the growth of online casinos. The online gambling market was worth around US$60 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach in excess of US$92 billion by 2023.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games: it consists of a croupier spinning the wheel in one direction, and spinning a ball in in the opposite direction, which then runs round the outer track of the wheel, eventually losing momentum and after passing through a series of deflectors will fall into one of the pockets underneath the numbers. Players can place bets on a single number, number groupings, red or black, odd or even, or high or low.

Roulette is so popular for several reasons:

  • Easy to learn; even a complete beginner can understand how to place bets and get involved without having to learn complex rules
  • The wheel makes the game exciting; throngs of players surround the table and plead with the little white ball, urging it to fall in a specific pocket
  • Social aspect: hanging out round the table is fun, and players can interact. Winning is not to the detriment of other players, so people often become friends round the roulette table.

How has Roulette transitioned to the online world?

Roulette regularly rates as one of the top online casino games. It is one of the easiest luck-based games and requires only minimal effort and input from the player. Despite being online, the game is still exciting and fun for players. Casino developers have invested a lot in technology to ensure they are able to recreate the feel and atmosphere of a real-life bricks and mortar casino. Many sceptics believed that such a visual and physical game like roulette would not transition well to the online world, but its ongoing popularity has clearly proved them wrong.

There are several reasons that roulette has managed to make the transition into the online world:

  • Online bonuses

Roulette has a high house edge, which is great for the house as they often do not have to pay out, and when they do it is a relatively small amount. In an online casino, the overheads are greatly reduced, and casinos can offer players amazing deals to entice players in without compromising their profits, which is also great for the players. By offering things like double matched deposits and free spins, players get to play more for less.

  • Random number generation

To mimic the randomness of where the ball falls in the wheel, online casinos have leveraged top of the range technology to create as close to random a number generator as possible. There are so many different permeations possible that it replicates the randomness generated by the speed of the spin of the wheel, the angle of the ball and so on of a physical casino.

  • Live games

Although online, players also can participate in live games, replicating the physical experience.

  • Socialising

Whilst a player, sitting in their pyjamas on the sofa will not experience the chatting and the hubbub of the roulette table, casinos have vastly improved their chat options in-game over the years so that players can talk to players at their table through private or group chat functions.

  • Flashing lights and sounds

By using lights and sounds, developers have managed to recreate the feeling of anticipation and fun that is present in the physical casinos. By using tension building music as the wheel spins, and a ball rolling round, players are still able to enjoy the nail-biting moments as they wait for the ball to drop.

Developers have worked to make the game just as appealing as the physical version; whilst not identical, they have played to the strengths of the online world to engage and retain players. There is no doubt that roulette online will continue to be a popular game for years to come.