Thriller On Wealth, Health And The Fountain Of Youth Via Body Switching!


Power and wealth can be quite the aphrodisiac. Funny how health can be an issue when growing old.  An experimental procedure on a dying man has unforeseen results in Self/Less. Decidedly different, this new release from VVS Films is a haunting effort now bearing its soul at the International Village Cinemas and other Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C.

Prepare to enter a dark world in this science fiction thriller. Used to getting his own way all the time is Damien, a wealthy New York developer.  Oscar winning Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) gets a New lease on life when his body is “switched” with another lost soul. Funny how the past has a habit of catching up with you. Vagaries of science confound both parties as this futuristic body exchange results in a series of escapades that have both “victims” second guessing just what they’ve done.  Oh, and the new body substitute for our wealthy donor is Vancouver born Ryan Reynolds (The Woman in Gold) who continues to grow his range.

Fraught with danger are the medical labs run by Doctor Albright.  Call this physician a loaded gun for hire whit Mathew Goode (The Imitation Game) suitably sinister as a visionary whose designs to play God wreck havoc of numerous lives.

Tense and exciting throughout Self/Less is a well-acted smartly made thriller with loads of surprises. This is one drama that will keep you on your toes and guessing throughout.