To Control Cholesterol, Turn To Pistachios


Simple dietary changes likeadding pistachio nuts to the dietcan lead to multiple health benefits– diabetes could be controlled,and the propensity forheart disease may be reduced inIndians, a new study has found.The study, the first of itskind with a trial period of sixmonths, was carried out by theDiabetes Foundation of India(DFI) and the National Diabetes,Obesity and CholesterolFoundation.The results of the studywere released Monday, even asthe prevalence of obesity and diabetesare rapidly rising in India.Nuts (mainly pistachios, almondsand walnuts) have beenshown to have beneficial effectson glycemic and lipid parameters.Pistachios have a low glycemicindex, are naturally cholesterolfree, and are source of protein,fibre and antioxidants, thestudy found.These properties make consumptionof pistachios potentiallyuseful for those at risk forobesity and heart disease.“Pistachios are part of thetraditional Indian diet. However,the health effects have not beenclearly understood. This studyshows multifaceted beneficialeffects of pistachios suitable forthe Indian body type, for the alleviationof multiple risk factors,”said Anoop Mishra, chairman,Fortis Centre of Excellence forDiabetes Metabolic Diseasesand Endocrinology (CDOC).Seema Gulati, research headat the National Diabetes, Obesityand Cholestrol Foundation,said: “Based on this study, wecan say that pistachios providean excellent snack option, especiallyfor those at risk of metabolicproblems and diabetes