TOIFA Awards Function To Be Greeted By Protestors


By Cheryl Robinson

VANCOUVER – Event-Rally protest permits have been applied in City of Vancouver B.C., to hold a Rally to protest the expense of B.C. Taxpayers $ 11 Million dollars, to hold a Times of India Awards on April 4th at the PNE Coliseum and B.C.Place, venue of the Awards.

Over a dozen organizations are eager to high light the issue of “Ethnic Vote”, scandal, Chinese Head Tax,  B.C.Taxpayers, Save BC Film, etc., to name a few.” Being an Election campaign time for many Liberal, NDP, Conservative and Green candidates, including Independents, this protest will initiate, more concerned matters for B.C Voters-said Vikram Bajwa, (Member-BC Liberals) former Candidate of Mayor-Surrey”, one of the organizers for the Rally.

Independent (Ex-BC Liberal )Candidate from Abbottsford South, Moe Gill has concerns for” B.C. Healthcare and education”, describing the wastage of Tax Payers dollars to create a backlash for his opponent Minister Mr. Mike De Jong.

Susie Wong, expressed concerns of “racially motivated”  Staff of Premiers BC Office.

Vinay Goyal said “We love Indian Movie Stars, but wish to high light the abuse by Liberals at spending BC Taxpayers Money, on blank checks, high time to hold them accountable.”

According to information released the First protest will be held in front of PNE, on April 4th at 5 P.M., Final protest on April 6th at B.C. Place and Convention Center at 5 P.M.