Trump Surge At US Primary Polls Stuns Political Pundits


EDITOR’S NOTE: Trump is a moron, buffoon, an idiot, a sexist, a racist but who is perfect for the American rightwing and he is doing a bang-up job preaching to the converted. The only reason why mainstream American media isn’t calling Trump on his bullshit, which they would not tolerate from any other so-called front running candidate, is because they are too glib and overjoyed with the fact that the only thing he is destroying is the Republican party, making a true mockery of Fox news and making fools of even the worst of the Republican bunch. It’s like, hey you call yourself a bigot, a racist and general moron, well you’ve not seen the new Donald 2015 version, who is making the likes of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and all those also-ran Republicans, who have shown themselves to be really out there with their opinions, look like kids with racist candy. So the mainstream media tolerates Trump and is letting his racist and sexist rants slide because they are having too much fun seeing him destroy the bigger evil – the Republican party. This Ramos incident is sickening really and as an ethnic journalist, it was a real shame seeing all the other journalists standby as he was literally booted out of the room. The other conspiracy is that Trump is really just a puppet thrown in to get Hillary the easy victory during Presidential elections in 2016 but letting the Donald ramrod over reason and everything else that American press holds up to be ethical is really the real undoing of America. This is like the bad version of the Benny Hill show where Benny Hill is the Press and not Donald Trump!   *By R. Paul Dhillon

WASHINGTON – When a skinny, black, freshman Senator with only two years experience in Washington announced in February 2007 that he was going to run for President, much of America rolled its eyes in disbelief. There were some mirth and bit of disdain as pundits waited for the moment to pass; instead it became history.

The United States is now reliving those early moments after some polls are showing that at the other end of the political spectrum, maverick billionaire Donald Trump, considered by many as a loose cannon and comic relief in American politics, is handily beating all possible Democratic candidates, most notably Hillary Clinton. A poll by SurveyUSA finds that matched up directly, Trump garners 45% to Clinton’s 40%. He also beats two other strong Democratic aspirants — Senator Bernie Sanders by 44% to 40% and vice-president Joe Biden by 44% to 42%.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean Trump is assured of a win. Even if he gets a majority of the popular vote, the passage to White House is assured only by getting a majority of the 538 electoral votes (270). Each state is assigned a particular number of electoral votes, equal to the number of Senators (always 2) and the Congressmen (varying according to population of state). Whoever wins the popular vote in the state (even by a single vote), gets all its electoral votes.

So it is technically possible for Trump to win the popular vote and a majority of the states, and still not make it to the White House because a Democrat wins big states like California (55) and New York (38). Besides, Trump may have antagonized many Hispanic voters who can weigh in significantly in states such as Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Still, his surge in the polls overturning the comfortable head-to-head lead that Hillary Clinton had as recently in July this year has shocked many pundits, who are trying to figure out how a candidate regarded by some of the commentariat as a buffoon has made such a strong impact. Among the more surprising numbers in the polls are 25% of blacks saying they could vote for Trump amid the widespread perception that he has antagonized minorities.

Some analysts have suggested that Trump’s surge has to do with voter fatigue with mainstream candidates. “Just a few short months ago, the pundits were suggesting that many voters might grow a tad weary of another Bush-Clinton race. That now looks like the understatement of the decade,” said Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz. “With the media’s designated frontrunners both struggling, the prognosticators who deemed Donald Trump a sideshow and Bernie Sanders a nuisance are picking their jaws off the floor and forging a new theory: The voters are so angry they’re rejecting anyone who remotely reeks of being a professional politician,” he added.