Vidya Balan: ‘Jalsa’ Will Change The Way People Look At Life


Mumbai: Actress Vidya Balan, whose film ‘Jalsa’ releases on OTT on Friday, revealed that the film will trigger a change of arc in the audience as well on some level.
Linking it to the challenges that life throws at people, the actress said that every achievement calls for a ‘jalsa’ (celebration).
Talking about the film, she said, “’Jalsa’ is a celebration and I think we keep on talking, you should celebrate every single day. At the end of the film you will realize that you have been through something and you emerge on the other side of it. It is like a celebration.”
Explaining further, she said, “There was a scene, where the politician’s son keeps using ‘Jalsa bapu Jalsa’ on all his hoardings. Every little challenge you overcome is a ‘Jalsa’ or rather requires a ‘Jalsa’. It’s a celebration of life with its ups and downs.”
She concluded by sharing her biggest takeaway from the project, as she said, “I think one thing all will take away is the fact that no one is infallible, we are all human and we are bound to something and that’s what makes us human. It is to fall and get on your own feet that life is all about.”