Vikram Bhatt, Bipasha Basu Team Up Again For Next Film

Here’s some news thatshould bring some respite toBipasha Basu who was hospitalizedon Wednesday. Post-Raaz 3director Vikram Bhatt is franticallyscripting a film forBipasha,a sure sign that she iscurrently perceived as the femaleSalman Khan at the box-office.After the success of Raaz 3Vikram Bhatt is writing anotherhorror-thriller for Bipasha in thecentral role.
This project wouldbe launched as soon the scriptingis done. In fact Vikram whowas supposed to next direct thetrue-life medical thriller entitledThe Ankur Arora Murder Casehas handed over the directorialreins of that project to SuhailTatari who is currently shootingthe thriller with K K Menon,Tisca Chopra and Arjun Mathurin the lead.Vikram has plungedhimself headlong into what histeam describes as “a thriller withballs and boobs.
“The problem is how to takeBipasha’s image of the demoniacaldiva beyond Raaz 3? Says asource close to both Bipasha andVikram Bhatt, “Vikram alreadyhas a germ of an idea which hewill develop on his holiday withhis daughter in London andScotland next week. It will be anout-and-out grey role and willgive Bipasha an even moreshocking image than Raaz 3. Butno, it isn’t Raaz 4.
“Confirming on Thursdaythat Vikram Bhatt is indeed writinga film for her, Bipasha said,”To be called a ‘Tigress’ is anamazing compliment. I am outof the hospital. I am much betternow. I was suffering fromviral fever, exhaustion and had ablackout. Hopefully I’ll be fullyrecovered soon.”Confirming his plans forBipasha, Vikram Bhatt said, “Ithink I owe to myself and to herto do another film with Bipasharight away.
It’s amazing howhard she worked on the film andlook at the end-results. Like theysay, no pain no gain. Both of ushave gone through our share ofturmoil.” Vikram is a little baffledat the critical response toRaaz 3, “Horror is still regardedas somewhat chee-chee by theelite class. Never mind. Only Iknow how difficult it is to puttogether a massy film. Friendswho read my blog and columnsevery week wonder how I couldmake such a lowbrow film.
Butbelieve me; it’s far tougher toaddress yourself to the massesthen to the intelligentsia. I amnot the least apologetic aboutmy partiality to horror, speciallynow when Raaz 3 is my producerVishesh Films, my leadingman Emraan Hashmi, my’Tigress’ heroine Bipasha and mybiggest hit. We have a lot to bethankful for.”