War Crimes Charges Filed Against Lankan President


MELBOURNE – Ahead of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, a Sri Lankan man, who migrated to Australia, has filed war crimes charges against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a city court here.

Rajapaksa was in Australia this week to participate in the CHOGM to be held at Perth.

Jegan Waran, a retired engineer who migrated to Australia from Sri Lanka, said before the Magistrate that he witnessed and was still haunted by what he saw in the hospitals and displaced persons camp at the end of civil war.

Waran, who returned to Sri Lanka in 2007 to volunteer in Tamil hospitals, schools and displaced persons camps, alleged that Sri Lankan forces had deliberately attacked clearly-marked civilian infrastructure such as hospitals and camps.

“Everybody who’s alive today, it’s a miracle that they have escaped death or injury,” Waran was quoted by ABC today.

Waran is an ethnic Tamil and sympathised with the Tamil Tigers or LTTE, which fought for a Tamil nation for decades until their defeat in 2009 by Sri Lanka’s military forces.

“Patients who were in the hospital were killed, and there were other patients waiting for treatment, they were killed.