Watts’ High In Polls But Discontent Lingers In Surrey?


Several protesters said last week that the visit of former US Presidents, whom they accused of war crimes, cost Mayor Dianne Watts their votes.

SURREY – Some of the people at last week’s protest in Surrey where former US President George W. Bush spoke say it will cost Mayor Dianne Watts some votes in next month’s municipal election. But some political experts say it’ll be pretty tough to put a dent in Watts’ popularity as seen by the polls.

Protestor Darlene told News 1130 she voted for Watts in the last election but she won’t be this time around. “I am most upset that our mayor… invited him here. She paid him $150,000.”

Another protestor said Watts has lost his vote. “Dianne Watts has invited these guys to Surrey for economic advice. I expect better from my mayor than just more sellouts to the Americans.

But Simon Fraser University political scientist Patrick Smith tells us although Watts may lose a few votes, it won’t be enough for her to lose the mayor’s chair.

“Over the past several years, [Watts] has used this Surrey Summit as a way to try and re-brand Surrey and make it more important. [It] would probably work more in her favour than it would work against her.”

Municipal voters go to the polls on November 19th.