What is ‘hurriquake’? Social media erupts after earthquake hits Southern California during Hurricane Hilary


A magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit Southern California as it was br for Hurricane Hilary. The epicentre was in Ojai, between Santa Barbara and Ventura. The quake occurred along the Sisar fault, according to USGS data. A social media post by Ventura County Sheriff revealed there were no immediate reports of damage.

The phenomenon of a hurricane and an earthquake is rare in the modern age and social media users were quick to point that out. After the earthquake, #Hurriquake began trending on X. Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist, has said that there is a 5% chance that a stronger earthquake will hit Los Angeles anytime soon.

After the term‘Hurriquake’ was coined,Merriam-Webster said on X, “‘Hurriquake’ is a new one for us, too.

President Joe Biden issues statement

Presient Joe Biden issued a statement on Hilary, saying, “As soon as Tropical Storm Hilary’s path became clear, my Administration took immediate action to prepare. At my direction, FEMA deployed to California federal personnel and supplies that can be surged to impacted communities. The U.S. Coast Guard pre-positioned aircraft to allow for rapid response and search-and-rescue efforts. My Administration also deployed federal personnel to Nevada to ensure the state has additional support, and we will continue to coordinate with California, Nevada, and Arizona on any resources they might need.”

He added, “This afternoon I spoke to California Governor Gavin Newsom about the emergency preparedness measures in place, and the initial response to Tropical Storm Hilary. I continue to be briefed on our preparedness efforts, and the storm’s potential impact – including flooding. My Administration stands ready to provide additional assistance as requested. I urge people to take this storm seriously, and listen to state and local officials.” Joe added that the earthquake that occurred in Southern California is being closely monitored.

Meanwhile, manyrecords for daily rainfall amounts were broken in Los Angeles, according to the National Weather Service. These include Long Beach Airport (1.56 inches), Hollywood Burbank Airport (1.61 inches), Palmdale Airport (2.95 inches), Lancaster (2.72), Sandberg (1.52), Oxnard (.77), and Santa Barbara Airport (.06). Hilary has also cause river levels in California to rise.