When Kate Middleton gave stern warning to her children but Charlotte defied as…


Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton was seen giving her children a scolding while they were waving to crowds of royal fans during the Trooping the Colour parade. The children captured the attention of royal watchers as they rode to Buckingham Palace. But the young royals received a warning about how they should be sitting. Lip reader Jeremy Freeman claimed to have spotted Kate Middleton telling her children, “Do not look behind whilst on the coach”.

The camera was then seen moving over to the children as Charlotte apparently defied her mother’s orders as she continued to look behind. At the Trooping the Colour, Prince Louis stole the show as he saluted the crowds who came out to watch his grandfather’s birthday parade. The youngest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales was seen pulling a range of excitable faces and a “unique” waving style as well. At one time, he also looked like he was doing an impression of window wipers.

The last time royals fans saw his wave was seen on the balcony was at the coronation of King Charles III. Louis was seen tapping his hands down on the side of the balcony to mimic the sounds of the marching band’s drums. Later he was seen waving his hands from side to side. Royal fans suggested that the little royal “looked quite bored” of the coronation.