White Widow Wrote Ode To Bin Laden Proclaiming Her Love


LONDON – The British womanwanted for alleged terroroffences in Kenya, dubbed the”White Widow”, wrote an ode tothe late al Qaeda chief Osamabin Laden proclaiming her lovefor him, a report said Tuesday.Samantha Lewthwaite’s clumsypoem, littered with spelling mistakes,was found by Britishpolice investigators after theyexamined a computer hard drivefound at a house in the Kenyantown of Mombasa, Britain’s SkyNews television said.”Oh sheik osama my father, mybrother/My love for you is likeno other / Oh Sheik Osama nowthat you are gone / The muslimsmust wake up they must bestrong,” it begins.Bin Laden was killed by UStroops in 2011 in Pakistan.It continues: “al Qaeda arestronger and fiercer than ever /Thinking in the end you are stupidit will NEVER / Be overuntil the day that we see our landsreturned and governed by HeAllah the almighty,/ Whose law iscomplete.”So make your plans and He isthe best of planners./ TherE wasno victory for you Mr (USPresident Barack) Obama / Thehonour is his on martyredOsama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Lewthwaite is the widow ofGermaine Lindsay, one of fourIslamist suicide bombers whoattacked the London transportnetwork on July 7, 2005, killing52 innocent people.The 29-year-old Muslim convertis the subject of an Interpol “rednotice” warrant for her detention,issued at Kenya’s request afterIslamist gunmen massacred atleast 67 people at a Nairobi shoppingmall last month.

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