Wicked (G) *** Broadway Musical A Shining Star In Vancouver!


By Alan Samuel

Again Broadway Across Canada scores a hit with their lavish Wicked production. Long sustained standing ovations aside this delightful musical is bringing the  house down at Vancouver’s venerable Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Based loosely on the classic 1939 MGM classic The Wizard of Oz this new slick version looks at the witches of Oz from a fresh new angle. Women, love, family and jealously all figure prominently in this 2 1/2 hour spectacular that Oz creator Baum and studio head Louis B. Mayer would be rightly proud of.

In this 2 act play bolstered by dozens of hip songs we see the flavour of Oz can put through the ringer when a green faced girl matures, gets scorned and hates all that’s good in the world. Over time our little Wicked gets tangled in a monumental struggle with her dad, her wheel-chair bound sister and a school girl princess like friend. How these three individuals handle their differences will keep your eyes glued to the stage throughout this enchanting romp.

Complete  with gorgeous costumes, snazzy special effects, an appearance by a tin man, a larger than life carnival barking wizard caricature and unforgettable songs by our two leading ladies makes Wicked a delightful fun – filled time for the whole family.

Here until June  29 for tickets or more information on Wicked go to www.broadwayacrosscanada.ca or call 1 (866) 542-7469

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