Women Employees of PICS facing harassment after hiring controversy aired on South Asian media outlet


The woman employees of Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS), a well-known South Asian community organization, have issued a statement that they are facing harassment and embarrassment in the community after a media outlet aired a controversial interview on hiring process of women at PICS.

The audio clip of the interview was shared on social media pages by PICS where radio hosts are discussing that women employees at PICS are hired according to their physical appearances.

After that show, the PICS women are claiming that they have been facing “undue strain and stress”.

PICS Society while sharing the audio clip on their social media pages wrote on Facebook, “These comments were aired on Sept 12, 2022 against the women of PICS. Since these comments have been made, the women of PICS have faced severed harassment and abuse. Our qualifications and character are questioned when we are coming into work, when we are leaving work and when we are trying to enjoy our personal lives. We cannot tolerate such degrading comments against women.”

The following statement was issued by woman employees of PICS:

“The women of PICS would like to make it clear that in light of the malicious and outrageous remarks made on air by a media outlet in the recent days, that we strongly condemn the way we have been characterized. We are a group of talented and educated women dedicated to the mission and values of the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society. Promoting harmony and intercultural understanding for the purpose of building a more inclusive and mutually respectful society, is the foundation of our commitment to our community and our work. About 80% of the staff at PICS consists of strong and dedicated females. We are proud of the support and guidance we receive from our management team and the work we do for our community.

“We, as empowered women are educated and experienced in providing quality services to seniors, new immigrants, youth and people of all ages and work diligently to improve the lives of the people we serve. To have our integrity and intelligence insulted by the spewing of derogatory and demeaning statements is disgusting. Women should empower other women, not try to bring them down.

“The recent malicious comments have caused undue strain and stress on us. We are also part of the families in the community as daughters, sisters, grandmothers, mothers, wives and friends. By publicly insulting and demeaning us without any reason, our families are being abused as well. This is sheer abuse, harassment, sexual discrimination and just plain untrue.

“As modern women, working in the community that we love, we refuse to stand by and let these comments go without rebuttal. We have all worked hard to become the professionals that we are. These accomplishments are not something to be disparaged, but achievements to be celebrated! We invite elected officials, responsible media members and the community at large to stand with us in solidarity, against these derogatory attacks on women.”

Women are more than just their bodies and we must work together to put an end to this gross narrative that has been recently shared on air. We must stop asking women to prove their qualifications and worth over and over again.

We must stop the sexual objectification of women in our society. We must stand together and stand against such comments as they further perpetuate violence and harm towards women in the workplace. We encourage you to share this message on your social media and with all of your connections.