Workplace Suicide On The Rise In India


NEW DELHI – A suicidal attempt is a clear indication that something is seriously wrong in a person’s life. Most of the people who commit suicide have a mental or emotional disorder. The most common underlying disorder is depression, 30 to 70 percent of suicide victims suffer from major depression or bipolar disorder.

At present, competition has taken a tremendous leap in every field and most significant among them is the IT sector. The onset of globalization and MNC’s rushing with high numbers into the country; the struggle to remain at the top is at the peak for the techies. Everyone wants to remain at the top position and deliver their best and get appreciation from their bosses for their hard work. In that race the techies tend to get far and too determined by getting overly immersed in the mechanical world.

This mechanical world ultimately affects the psyche of the techies and they automatically become the victims of various psychological disorders. Though these disorders seem very common, they are very serious if they are not been detected and counseled at the right time. If they are not detected at the right time nothing else can be more serious than committing suicide. In India, the death rate has increased among the techies because many of them are into depression and other psychological reasons, it can be their problem related to their profession or personal life. Sometimes the professional pressure may have resulted in personal problems.